What is permaculture?

This is a question that gets thrown around a lot, and there are many different answers. In short, permaculture can be defined as a design process that helps people solve problems and meet their needs through ecological and sustainable thinking.

Permaculture makes use of systems, patterns, & natural processes in order to address specific needs of people. The principles and ethics of permaculture help us examine our own lifestyles and how they are impacting the world around us, then come up with solutions to help care for the Earth as well as its people. Permaculture helps us to work within systems to create production, minimize external inputs, and eliminate waste. In turn we are rewarded with solutions to our problems as well as sustainable, resilient gardens & landscapes that are holistic and diverse, providing benefits for both people and the environment.

We are proud to be able to offer guidance and design services for clients who desire to open their horizons to the beauty and inspiration that permaculture can offer. These services include but are not limited to: Food gardens & edible landscapes, resource management, rainwater catchment, livestock integration, improving soil fertility, reducing waste, & wildlife habitat.

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